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Your own white label
We specialise in creating white label NFT platforms for creators and brands, allowing them to take their NFT projects to a whole new level
Add features and bonuses to your white label NFT platform that have never been seen before.
We can even develop new Unique technology depending on your needs.
The Process
Design Your Platform
Let's get creative! Talk with our team to create an idea for your own unique platform. Control how you want your NFT brand to look and feel. Our design team will get to work until you are fully satisfied with the design.
Leave it to us. Once our development team knows what you want, it's time to code. Our developers will do their best to create a fully interact-able, working model of your white label NFT platform based on your vision.
Revenue Streams
Choose how you wish to distribute your NFT's. Be it through an automated subscription service, via packs, drops, auctions, instant-buy or even a combination of all of the above.
Design your NFT's
Talk with our team about what NFT's you would like to create. Be they 2D, 3D, animations, video, sounds etc.. What rarity should they have? What supply? Will they have any bonuses or experiences? Once we have a plan our team will get to work to create them all.
Minting and Distribution
Now that your NFT's are ready, we will prepare them for distribution, depending on your previous choices of revenue streams. Be they distributed at different time intervals, via subscriptions or split into packs, you can rest assured, we will have them ready to go!
Our marketing team will help you make the most of your launch. With our years of marketing experience we help you create the optimal launch strategy. We have a time, we have a date. LETS GO LIVE!
Your own custom made white label NFT platform and domain
Full control over your brands design
NFT Utility
Bonuses, services, experiences, rewards and more
Full customisation of NFT’s beyond just their design. Your mind is the limit
Full NFT design, creation and marketing support. We got ya!
Burn, redeem, activate, combine, breed, and upgrade and merge NFT’s for big bonuses
Earn royalties from your NFT's on the secondary market
Revenue Streams
Sell through a subscription service, drops, packs and more
Pay via Visa, Crypto transfers, crypto wallets and $NFTBL (with discounts, staking and cash-back)
Each white label platform connected to Niftables marketplace with metaverse integration
All of our services combined into one user friendly app with AR integration
All white label platforms, marketplace / app accessible from one account
On our cross-chain marketplace, NFT buyers and holders can buy,trade,sell,swap and redeem their NFT’s or rewards from purchases from all of our Niftables white label platforms or directly from the Niftables marketplace. It will be a hub for buyers to directly browse all verified white label platforms, as each is fully integrated with the Niftables marketplace. Now, creators and brands can launch their own profiles to sell their NFT’s in a variety of ways never seen before. The creator/brand can then directly apply through the marketplace for development of their own white label platform, should they meet our standard requirements.
Fiat / Multi Wallet Connection
Payments in fiat, crypto and $NFT enabled. Switch easily between multiple connected crypto wallets and connected fiat payment gateways. Set up your default fiat payment method, NFT storage wallet and crypto payment wallet. Now you can manage your NFT’s and payments with ease.
Gallery Metaverse
Create your own gallery and display your favourite NFT’s with this new immersive digital experience, connecting you directly to the metaverse. Buy/Trade NFT galleries from 3D architects and choose the gallery that is most suited to you. VR compatible.
Niftables App
Our whole marketplace and technology in one simple app. Views all creator profiles, white label platforms, buy, trade and sell NFT’s with from our optimised mobile technology. Using our AR technology you can also share and show off your NFT's in the real world.
The Vision
December 2021
First MVP available for testing. Global creator recruitment started. 5 top global influencers signed for development of white label platforms. Token IDO
January 2022
White label platform technology developed and tested including full functionality, modification options and integrated multiple revenue streams
February 2022
First fully functioning white label NFT platform launched including planned unique features. Can connect multiple crypto wallets to Niftables account. Fiat payments available. $NFT token payments available. Integration with Opensea and Rarible for secondary sales
March 2022
10 white label NFT platforms launched. MVP of Niftables marketplace. Large marketing campaign launch
April 2022
Large creator and brand exclusivity partnerships announced. 20 White label platforms launched. Token listed on multiple marketplaces
May 2022
Niftables Marketplace marketing Launch. Creators and brands can create account on the platform with limited functionality or apply to get verified and create their own exclusive NFT white label platform. 100-500 creators on Marketplace with over 50 white label platforms. Niftables app official launch
June 2022
Niftables Marketplace update deploy including all features such as Gallery metaverse. Niftables app official launch. Over 800 creators and brands using marketplace with over 100 white label platforms
More coming soon...
We have taken great care to prepare for the future growth of our token and have made sure that the community’s support of our ecosystem does not go unnoticed! Not only will you be able to use our token, but you will also be rewarded for doing so
All transactions on purchases of our $NFT token (excluding marketplace and white label platforms) will include a small fee which will be used to increase our liquidity pool. Our token will include an anti-bot system, vesting, staking and more
Stake your $NFT token through Niftables to gain long term APY rewards, or stake your tokens on multiple white label platforms in loot giveaways from your favourite creators and brands. The more you stake, the better your chances are to win the loot!
By using our $NFT token, you will receive many benefits such as cash-back, discounts, early access, unique bonuses and more. To give back to the community, we will also be burning a small amount of tokens from our profits on sales from all purchases on our platform. The more you use the token, the more we burn!
By using our token to purchase NFT’s or services you could receive higher chances for rare NFT drops, better NFT merges and unique upgrade rewards. Some lucky users may even receive bonus monthly $NFT tokens or a unique NFT airdrop from one of our creators or brands!
Easy top-up
Top up your $NFT tokens on every white label platform and the Niftables marketplace using a crypto or fiat payment method. You can buy $NFT directly through our platform for fiat thanks to our simple plugin, or purchase our token easily from multiple crypto marketplaces.
8%Private A
Private B10%
Staking Rewards6%
Marketing & Development15%
Liquidity Providing Rewards12%