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    Creating white label NFT platforms.
    NIFTABLES Creating white label NFT platforms.
    the first all in one nft technology for creators
    & brands

    NFTs don't limit your
    creativity... So why should
    your platform?

    We specialise in creating white label NFT platforms for creators & brands, allowing them to take their NFT projects to a whole new level.

    Add features and bonuses to your white label NFT platform that have never been seen before. We can even develop new Unique technology depending on your needs.

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    the process

    Design your platform

    Let's get creative! Talk with our team to create an idea for your own unique platform. Control how you want your NFT brand to look and feel. Our design team will get to work until you are fully satisfied with the design. Add additional pages to your hearts content.

    Full implementation

    Leave it to us. Once our development team knows what you want, it's time to code. Our developers will create your white label NFT platform based on your vision, including any additonal teachnology or features requested.

    Revenue Streams

    Choose how you wish to sell your NFTs. Once you have a price set, we seamlessly integrate fiat and crypto payments, royalties, whitelists and more, to manage your primary and/or secondary marketplace.

    Design your NFT's

    Whether they be 2D, 3D, animations, videos, sounds or something more complex, we can help you create your ideal collection. You can then prepare your NFT utilities, attributes and traits, or... if you are not too familiar with NFTs, you can leave this part to us too!

    Minting and Distribution

    You can let us know which Blockchain to launch on, or we can help advise the best solution for you. Our advanced NFT collection creator will allow you to maximise the potential of your launch thanks to its unique customisation and automisation features.


    Our team will help you make the most of your launch. With our years of marketing experience we will help you create the optimal go-to-market strategy. We have a time and a date. LETS GO LIVE!





    Customize your own NFT platform,
    domain, marketplace and more


    Full control over your brand, NFTs,
    platform and its features

    Nft utility

    Fully automated custom NFT
    utilities manageable from one
    admin panel


    Earn royalties from your NFTs on
    your own secondary marketplace

    WEb 2.0 Integration

    Our API integrates our NFT
    infrastructure with your existing
    web 2.0 platforms and services


    Niftables offers A-Z services such
    as advisory, NFT design, GTM
    strategy and more.


    Traditional crypto payments, as
    well fiat payments without the
    need for a cryptocurrency wallet

    Revenue streams

    Sell through multiple revenue
    streams, drops, packs and more


    Niftables isn’t just NFT technology, and it’s more than its ecosystem; it’s also the infrastructure that will allow any creator or brand to seamlessly transition from Web2 to Web3. Work with our team to design your own, unique white label NFT solution or harness our API to integrate with your existing web infrastructure.


    Payments in fiat, crypto and our native token. Now users can finally purchase NFTs with your credit card, without needing a cryptocurrency wallet, thanks to our custodial solution. Once the user has transitioned to web 3.0, they can easily withdraw their NFTs to a connected cryptocurrency wallet.

    / 3d galleries

    Customise your own 3D gallery and display your favourite NFTs with this new immersive digital experience, connecting you directly to the metaverse. Buy/sell 3D NFT galleries and choose the one that is most suited to you and display your favourite NFT’s for the world to see!Compatible with AR and VR.

    marketplace / APP

    Our cross-chain marketplace is the hub at the heart of the Niftables ecosystem, where users can buy, trade, sell, and redeem their NFTs. It gives creators and brands the chance to launch, customize and manage their stores in ways never seen before, while being exposed to all communities using our technology.

    the vision

    2022 JUNE
    2022 JULY
    2022 AUGUST
    2022 SEPTEMBER
    2022 OCTOBER
    2022 NOVEMBER
    2022 DECEMBER


    Niftables Infrastructure MVP complete. First 20 global creators and brands signed. Completion of testing of all functions and technology.


    Niftables infrastructure continued development. Implementation of new key features. Dedicated web 2.0 to web 3.0 API module development started. Built-in Secondary marketplace development started. Automated integration with Opensea.


    Built-in secondary marketplace option complete. Continued development of key niftables infrastructure features. Finalisation and testing of Niftables dedicated API. Updated admin control panel with new features including NFT utility management.


    Niftables dedicated API development complete. Niftables NFT launchpad deployed. Fiat and crypto Off ramp solution legal implementation started.


    Niftables infrastructure and dedicated API tech stack expanded. Fiat and crypto Off ramp solution technical integration started. Virtual balance option added for all Niftables users.


    Niftables Secondary Marketplace launch. All white label stores and API platforms connected to marketplace for secondary sales. No-code store builder with expansive tech stack and multi-chain options now available on Niftables marketplace for all verified creators/brands and enterprises.


    3D Gallery and metaverse integration. Niftables 2.0 update for all white label platforms, API users and marketplace stores, inluding additional technology, customisation and automation features. Social features integrated to Niftables Secondary Marketplace.


    Our token

    We have taken great care to prepare for the future growth of our token and have made sure that the community’s support of our ecosystem does not go unnoticed. With a wide range of utilities, our token will be the driving force of our ecosystem.


    Our token will boast an array of utilities across all of our developed technologies. To maximize the potential of our native token, we’ve ensured wide-ranging and diverse utility functions in every part of the Niftables ecosystem.


    Stake our token through Niftables to gain long term APY rewards and for various bonuses and benefits such as platform revenue share lower platform tax, NFT giveaways, events, early access and more. You can also stake our token on the Niftables launchpad to gain early investment access to out blue chip projects.


    By using our token, you will receive many benefits such as cash-back, discounts, early access, unique bonuses, lower platform fees and more. To give back to the community, we will also be burning a small amount of tokens from our profits on sales from all purchases on our platform.


    By using our token to purchase NFTs or services you could receive higher chances for rare NFT drops, better NFT merges and unique upgrade rewards. Some lucky users may even receive bonus monthly tokens or a unique NFT airdrop from one of our creators or brands.

    Easy top-up

    Top up your balance with our native token on every white label platform and the Niftables marketplace using a crypto or fiat payment method. You can buy $NFT directly through our platform for fiat thanks to our simple plugin, or purchase our token easily from multiple crypto exchanges.









    Marketing & Development












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