NIFTABLES Creating white label NFT platforms.
NIFTABLES Creating white label NFT platforms.
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19 July 2022

Despite the bear market’s impact on the whole cryptosphere, the NFT space is still expected to carry on with its parabolic rise and mainstream adoption. The global NFT market capacity is expected to grow from the current $3 billion in 2022 to $13.5 billion in 2027.

This incredible growth is due to three main factors, that have projected the NFT world to unexpected heights in 2021/22: the increasing influence of celebrities on NFT adoption, the use of NFTs in the blockchain gaming field, and the general rise of the demand for digital artwork.

In the light of this consistent uptrend, Niftables’ work is going ahead full steam: Niftables is aiming to position itself as the world specialist in creating white-label, fully customizable NFT platforms for both creators and brands, in order to provide its clients with maximum artistic freedom.

Their recent website redesign reveals just how much third-party brands and individual artists will stand to gain through their ‘nifty’ collaboration:

Niftables’ aim is to completely disrupt the way in which the NFT space works, superseding current giants such as OpenSea or Rarible. There are many features that the new website describes in a crystal clear fashion, but even the few we’ll talk about in this article will blow your mind.

Once implemented, these revolutionary features will make the choice between a Niftables’ white-label solution and third-party NFT marketplaces like OpenSea a complete no-brainer.

The most game-changing aspect of the white-label NFT marketplace offered by Niftables is its infrastructure and API (Application Programming Interface) integration: what this means is that the Niftables team will help clients to seamlessly transition from Web2 to Web3, integrating the NFT infrastructure to existing Web2 platforms and services a brand might already offer.

Another most welcome innovation will be that of being able to buy any NFT in the Niftables’ galaxy with either fiat, crypto, or Niftable’s native token:

Buying an NFT on current platforms requires an inordinate amount of steps: you have to 1) create a wallet 2) fund a wallet with crypto that you have 3) bought and 4) converted from fiat, to then actually 5) buy the NFT while also paying the 6) sometimes insane Ethereum gas fees.

With Niftables, it will be totally up to the buyer whether to purchase their NFT of choice with card by quickly and safely using card registration to make the purchase with just one click. 

This brings us to another fundamental step forward that Niftables is working on in order to make NFTs more accessible to the wider public: the simplification of the marketplaces.

Firstly, it will be a cross-chain marketplace: this means that one can bypass purchasing NFTs through protocols that require high processing fees (Ethereum, we’re looking at you). 

A fully customized marketplace will also allow brands and creators new and exciting ways to launch and manage their stores, while exposing their NFT collections to all of the communities using Niftables’ tech.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new website, though, is the new roadmap, which allows us to see what’s in store for Niftables in the near future!

The next 6 months are going to be extremely exciting, with the month of June having been spent onboarding Niftables’ first 20 clients, and testing all of the functions and tech already developed.

July and August will be dedicated to the mentioned API module dedicated to the integration between Web2 and Web3 elements, and work has already begun on the development of the built-in secondary marketspace and a direct integration with the biggest NFT platform, OpenSea.

September will see the Niftables NFT launchpad actually deployed, and the long-awaited fiat and crypto off-ramp solution tackled from a legal point of view. 

2022 will end with a bang with a full 3D gallery and metaverse integration for all brands and creators, with a Nitfables 2.0 update for all white-label platforms in the Niftables ecosystem. Social features will also be integrated to the native secondary marketplace.

NFT platforms are expected to be the biggest factor towards the growth of the space in the next 5 years, but the recent  Coinbase NFT marketplace fiasco has proven that new avenues must be researched if we are to expect mass adoption in the non-fungible token market.

This is where Niftables will actually make a difference, firmly establishing itself as the go-to A-Z solution for any brand wishing to enter the space easily and seamlessly. 

By capturing an already positive momentum, Niftables appears to be aiming for the onboarding of new NFT buyers, with its simple and intuitive interface, and that is exactly what we need if we want mass adoption for the entire NFT space.

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