NIFTABLES Creating white label NFT platforms.
NIFTABLES Creating white label NFT platforms.
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Sneek peek: Niftables’ award-winning, all-in-one NFT platform prepares for take-off

21 April 2022

Niftables was recently crowned the winner of the ‘Mass Adoption Award’ at the AIBC summit in Dubai, beating the likes of Sandbox and Meta to the prize. It represents an emphatic vote of confidence in a project still months from launching its flagship marketplace (expected in Q3 of this year), with an initial token launch coming soon.

Collecting the award in front of industry leaders, Richard Buettner shared the team’s vision to drive mass adoption of NFT technology by eliminating the barriers to entry, creating the ultimate, full-suite NFT platform for content creators, brands, and users alike.

The award-winning Niftables team has developed a first-in-kind, white-label NFT platform complete with a full suite of unique, customizable solutions designed to help projects deliver at the highest level. The white-label platforms are expected to launch within a few weeks. 

It is the first significant attempt to bring all the moving parts required to launch an NFT collection under one roof.

But “one-stop-shop doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all”, says co-founder Jordan Aitali, which is why they’ve “built it in such a way that creators can fully customize their white-label platform from the get-go.” By ensuring each platform is developed in tandem with a brand’s overall vision, the result is a fully-optimized, bespoke, and seamless experience for both creators and their respective communities.

With accessibility the key to driving the mass adoption of NFTs, Niftables introduces a range of features and processes designed to narrow the gap between a creator’s NFT vision and the final product.

Partners who register for a Niftables account can harness the same sign-in for any white-label platform, providing the ability to onboard existing communities and drive instant community engagement. For users, it means an entirely new NFT experience.

With many projects struggling to keep pace with the fast-changing utility functions of NFTs, and the difficulties associated with onboarding communities through existing platforms (such as Twitter and Discord), having all these features in one place aims to massively improve functionality and ease of use.

The underlying framework making it possible is the Niftables metamarket, which offers cutting-edge, custom technology, full automation of NFT utilities, and seamless front and back-end integration into an NFT network: for creators, this infrastructure means NFTs are launched directly into a market, where their utility is already supported by the wider ecosystem.

Niftables’ powerful metamarket seeks to consolidate the full array of current and innovative NFT features into one easy-to-use platform, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) compatible 3D galleries that bring metaverse connectivity to users’ digital doorstep. Fiat payment gateways and integrated custody solutions aim to break down the barriers to entry for non-crypto users, opening the door for NFT mass adoption.

At the heart of the platform is the $NFT token, serving as the primary payment method throughout the broader Niftables ecosystem. Token holders will be able to use $NFT within the Niftbales marketplace, in customized user profiles, and on all external white-label platforms to receive a discount on all purchases made. Further benefits include a wide array of utilities: on-ramp token top-up for all Niftables accounts (allowing all users to top up their $NFT balance with FIAT payments), staking, platform revenue shares for top platform stakers, and much more.

The $NFT token will launch with a capped supply of 500,000,000, with initial distribution occurring over several rounds, including Seed, Private and Public. As per the vesting schedule, a total of 7,500,000 $NFT from the raise (plus liquidity) will be unlocked at launch, expected at some point later this quarter.

For further information about the project, and how to get involved in the upcoming token launch, join the Niftables community via the following links:

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