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NIFTABLES Creating white label NFT platforms.
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10 August 2022

The NFT market, despite bear market conditions, is still rolling out several interesting collections every day, and big brands and famous creators are catching onto the many possibilities that an NFT collection can provide.

While still developing our project according to our updated roadmap, we have already partnered with huge names that we can’t wait to share with you!

But what do we offer that has already brought multiple great brands to work with us that other NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible cannot offer?

In this article, we’re going to be providing you with the 7 greatest perks that, as a creator or a brand, you could benefit from by working with us on your future NFT collection.

1 – Complete Customization: In contrast to big NFT platforms we have mentioned above, we allow our clients to create a unique, fully customizable NFT platform, in line with pre-existing branding, mood, and general vibes.

Not only will you be able to have full creative control over your NFT platform, but the domain and the marketplace itself will be completely customizable too. At Niftables, we will not create two platforms that look alike.

2 – Complete Control: As a creator or a brand willing to work with us, you will have full control over your brand. You will be free to choose what to do when it comes to the NFT collection, the platform and the most important features.

We are here to make your NFT project become a reality, but you retain complete control over what is created.

3 – Utility: Nowadays, if you want to stand out from the huge competition out there, your NFT must not only represent your brand and core values, but needs to have a clear utility that will make your followers buy into your vision.

That is why we provide you with a fully automated custom NFT utility application, fully manageable from one, easy to use admin panel.

4 – Web2 Integration: If you’ve been a creator for quite a while, or you are a recognizable brand with a strong online presence, don’t you fear!

We have been working on our new API that will integrate our Web3 NFT infrastructure to your pre-existing Web2 websites: this means adding extra utility to your Web2 presence and seamlessly integrating it with cutting edge Web3 value.

5 – Extra Services: Here at Niftables, we live, breath and eat anything NFT-related, so it doesn’t matter if you only have a vague idea of what you would like to create to enhance your brand.

We are more than happy to offer you A-Z services, such as advisory and NFT design: if you choose so, we can develop a GTM strategy, to provide you with a blueprint for delivering your product or service just the way you dreamt it.

6 – Multipay Options: On existing NFT platforms, the hoops an NFT buyer must jump through are endless: he must buy crypto with fiat; convert the crypto to the currency needed for the specific platform; send the crypto to a private wallet; finally buy the NFT.

We really want to contribute to NFT mass adoption, and in order to do that, we’ve made sure that buyers will be able to own one of your NFTs by paying through crypto OR via fiat, without the need of creating a crypto wallet at all. 

Simplification is the name of the game.

7 – Revenue Streams: When it comes to creating an NFT collection, one of the most important aspect is revenue: with Niftables, you will have complete freedom of selling your NFTs through multiple revenue streams, be they drops, packs or other methods.

You also have complete freedom to earn royalties from NFTs sold on your own secondary marketplace, ensuring that, every time an NFT from your collection changes hands, you will get a cut of the action.

As you might have understood by now, we aim to become the go-to company for anything NFT related, from the ideation and inception of the collection to the sales process and the ongoing royalties system.

At the same time, we strive to offer our client an easy-to-use interface, which will allow creators and brands alike to create the exact platform they were dreaming of.

With Niftables, the future of NFTs has just begun.

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